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Swiss-born and raised in the United States, Olive Black's musical odyssey is an intensely personal one. Her story is not just about music; it's a profound tale of resilience, healing, and the catharsis that art can bring to life's deepest wounds.


Olive's transformation into an artist began in the crucible of trauma. After enduring an abusive relationship that shattered her world, she embarked on a soul-searching journey. It was a move back to Switzerland, following the devastating breakup that left her with nothing but pain and isolation in an unfamiliar land, that became the turning point. It was there, in her newfound solitude, that Olive began to write and record music. What started as a therapeutic escape from her demons soon evolved into a means to process the trauma she'd endured. 


Having spent a decade in the music industry as an artist manager, concert promoter, and event curator, Olive had seen the industry from various angles. This extensive experience provided her with an insider's view of the music world, giving her the knowledge to navigate its nuances and create something deeply personal. Yet, it was time to tell her own story, a narrative shaped by a tumultuous past marked by heartbreak, loss, police brutality, racism, and prejudice in the United States. Switzerland became the haven where she sought refuge and solace, away from the constant shadows of her past traumas.


In this new chapter of her life, Olive Black has harnessed the power of music to heal and find her voice. She writes and co-produces her songs, unveiling her innermost emotions and experiences with each lyric and melody. Collaborating with the renowned producer Ephrem Lüchinger, she has crafted a sound that resonates deeply with those who have faced adversity and sought catharsis in the raw, unfiltered embrace of art.


Olive Black's music is an unflinching, heartfelt exploration of the human condition, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who have faced the darkest corners of life and emerged stronger, bearing their stories as badges of honor. Her debut EP, "Interitus," a Latin word meaning "Destruction”, is the culmination of this emotional journey, an EP that invites listeners to join her in the realm of deep healing and self-discovery. With its release on November 23, 2023, Olive Black offers a powerful and authentic experience, a testament to the transformative potential of art in the face of adversity.

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